Fast waveform inversion strategies applied to Hussar

Marcelo Guarido, Raul Cova, Sergio J. Romahn, Laurence R. Lines, Robert J. Ferguson and Kristopher A. H. Innanen


The Fast Waveform Inversion (FastWI) is a linear solution of the Full Waveform In-version. It is fast, as it is applied on post-stack data, and does not require any forward modeling. The gradient is calibrated by available sonic logs. We tested the inversion to apply an acoustic inversion on the vertical component of the processed Hussar data. The inversion is driven and compared with three sonic logs acquired over the 2D line. The inverted P-wave velocities show consistency in the well location and with the stacked section, with the clear limitations of the acoustic inversion on elastic data. Also, we noticed that the calibration is only effective in areas with high signal-to-noise ratio in the stacked section.

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