Data Science

Data Science is a growing field with different tasks and applications. Everyday more and more people are changing their career course and moving to this relatively new and exciting area. Here at the CREWES Data Science Initiative we are engaged on research and dissemination of what is new in the data science world.

With the CREWES Data Science Learning Labs, we focus on the learning steps to become a data scientist and how you can bring business value to your organization. The labs will focus on how a data science project is conducted, from data reading, through data cleaning and pre-processing, visualization, data transformation, machine learning modeling, and finishing with app development/deployment. Join us for bi-weekly webinars beginning July 2, 2020 to get access to codes and "cookbooks."

Lab 0: July 2, 2020, Noon (MST): Introduction to R and Shiny

In our first lab we will set out our goals, define a learning path, and introduce both the R programming language and the building of apps with the Shiny library.
Data Science Lab 0 (video)

Lab 1: July 16, 2020, Noon (MST): WTI crude oil price forecasting with the Facebook Prophet algorithm

In this lab, we will present a workflow in R to predict the WTI crude oil price that includes an automated API request from the Quandl database, as well as the univariate forecast algorithm Facebook Prophet. We will end the session with a demonstration of an app built in Shiny.

Data Science Lab 1 (video)
Data Science Lab 1 (zip)

Lab 2: July 30, 2020, Noon (MST): Fundamentals of R, Flexdashboard, and Shiny

Next on the CREWES Data Science Initiative online series of learning labs will expose you to the fundamentals of the Flexdashboard and Shiny libraries. We will start a new RMarkdown from scratch and show you how to create a functional application with HTML functionalities.

Data Science Lab 2 (video)
Data Science Lab 2 (zip)

Lab 3: August 13, 2020, Noon (MST): To Be Announced