Anisotropic Zoeppritz Explorer

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You will need to have the Java runtime environment (JRE) installed on your computer in order to use this software. As of Java Version 7 Update 51, you will also need to add to the Java Exception Site List. This has been tested in Windows 10 using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

To start the Anisotropic Zoeppritz Explorer click on the 'Launch' button above.

Version History

The Java code was adapted by Chuck Ursenbach from the CREWES Zoeppritz Explorer. The original Zoeppritz Magnitude Plotter was placed on the Internet in June, 2002.

Technical Notes

The AniZoeppritz Explorer is similar in operation to the CREWES Zoeppritz Explorer and to the CREWES Reflectivity Explorer. Those web pages should be referred for notes on general use. The present utility differs in that it explores the behavior of the P-wave reflection coefficient in the presence of anisotropy. The present version can calculate exact coefficients for VTI (vertical transverse isotropy) media, and linearized coefficients for both VTI and HTI (horizontal transverse isotropy) media. For comparison it can also calculate exact (Zoeppritz) and linearized (Aki-Richards) coefficients for corresponding isotropic media.


  1. Exact VTI coefficients: Daley & Hron, 1977, "Reflection and transmission coefficients for transversely isotropic solids", Bull. Seis. Soc. Am., 67, 661-675.
  2. Linearized coefficients: Ruger, 1997, "P-wave reflection coefficients for transversely isotropic models with vertical and horizontal axis of symmetry", Geophysics, 62, 713-722.

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