Graduate Theses 1996

Degree Author Title Availability
MSc Donati, Maria S. P- and S-Wave Separation Using Three-Component Modal Filters Abstract Document
MSc Dufour, Jocelyn Refraction Static Analysis of P-S Seismic Data Using the Plus-Minus Time Analysis Method Abstract Document
MSc Ferguson, Robert J. P-S Seismic Inversion: Modeling, Processing, and Field Examples Abstract Document
PhD Isaac, Helen J. Seismic Methods for Heavy Oil Reservoir Monitoring Abstract Document
MSc Larson, Glenn A. Acquisition, Processing, and Interpretation of P-P and P-S 3-D Seismic Data Abstract Document
MSc Martin, Nicolas W. Are P- and S-wave velocities and attenuations related to permeability?: Ultrasonic seismic data for sandstone samples from Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in Alberta Abstract Document
MSc Miller, Susan L.M. Multicomponent Seismic Data Interpretation. Abstract Document
MSc Parry, Darryl G. A multi-method near-surface geophysical study on the Nose Hill upland Abstract Document
PhD Slawinski, Michael A. On Elastic-wave Propagation in Anisotropic Media: Reflection/Refraction Laws, Raytracing, and Traveltime Inversion Abstract Document