Graduate Theses 2006

Degree Author Title Availability
PhD Al-Saleh, Saleh M. Designing Explicit Wavefield Extrapolators For Depth Migration and Migration Velocity Analysis Abstract Document
PhD Bale, Richard A. Elastic Wave-equation Depth Migration of Seismic Data for Isotropic and Azimuthally Anisotropic Media Abstract Document
MSc Cao, Zhihong Analysis and application of the Radon transform Abstract Document
MSc Chen, Fuju Interpretation of Time-lapse Surface Seismic Data at a CO2 Injection Site, Violet Grove, Alberta Abstract Document
MSc Mahmoudian, Faranak Linear AVO Inversion of Multi-component Surface Seismic and VSP Data Abstract Document
MSc Soubotcheva, Natalia Reservoir property prediction from well-logs, VSP and multicomponent seismic data: Pikes Peak heavy oilfield, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
MSc Xiao, Chunyan A comparison of different methods for estimating Thomsen's anisotropy parameters Abstract Document
PhD Zheng, Ye Seismic Azimuthal Anisotropy and Fracture Analysis from PP Reflection Data Abstract Document