Graduate Theses 2008

Degree Author Title Availability
PhD Lynch, Steven More than Meets the Eye - A Study in Seismic Visualization Abstract Document
MSc Al Dulaijan, Khaled Near-surface Characterization Using Seismic Refraction and Surface-wave Methods Abstract Document
MSc Hons, Michael S. Seismic sensing: Comparison of geophones and accelerometers using laboratory and field data Abstract Document
MSc Miong, Soo-Kyung Borehole Geophysical Methods for Near-Surface Characterization Abstract Document
MSc Aitken, Julie A. Exploring Maya Ruins in Belize, Central America using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) Abstract Document
PhD Ma, Yongwang Seismic depth migration using the Gabor imaging theories Abstract Document
MSc Suarez, Gabriela Full-wave Seismic Analysis: Source Comparisons, Land Streamer Tests, and Converted-wave Processing Abstract Document