Graduate Theses 2010

Degree Author Title Availability
PhD Zhang, John Jianlin Improving Reservoir Simulation with Time-lapse Seismic Surveys Abstract Document
MSc Cooper, Joanna Kathleen Seismic acquisition footprint: modelling and mitigation Abstract Document
MSc Bubshait, Salman VSP processing for coal reflections Abstract Document
MSc Hammad, Hussain Waveform inversion for areas with complex near surface Abstract Document
MSc Paul Fyfe Anderson A Comparison of Inversion techniques for Estimating VP/VS from 3C3D Seismic Data Abstract Document
PhD Zhang, Zimin Assessing attenuation, fractures, and anisotropy using logs, vertical seismic profile, and three-component seismic data: heavy oilfield and potash mining examples Abstract Document
MSc Han, Lejia Microseismic Monitoring and Hypocenter Location Abstract Document
PhD Hogan, Chad Extending high-frequency asymptotic solutions to wave equations to lower-frequency regimes Abstract Document
PhD Millar, John Multigrid methods and the surface consistent equations of Geophysic Abstract Document