Graduate Theses 2011

Degree Author Title Availability
PhD Xu, Chuandong Oil Reservoir Assessment Using Multicomponent Seismic Data Abstract Document
PhD Taher M. Sodagar Multicomponent seismic modeling and analysis for CO2 storage in the Redwater reef, Alberta, Canada Abstract Document
MSc Gulati, Akshay Fourier reconstruction of signal Abstract Document
MSc Sharma, Ritesh Kumar 9C-3D Modelling For Anisotropic Media Abstract Document
PhD Alshuhail, Abdullah A. CO2 Sequestration Site Characterization and Time-lapse Monitoring Using Reflection Seismic Methods Abstract Document
MSc Al-Zahrani, Abdallah Interpretation of 3D multicomponent seismic data for investigating natural fractures in the Horn River Basin, northeast British Columbia Abstract Document