Graduate Theses 2013

Degree Author Title Availability
PhD Mahmoudian, Faranak Physical Modeling and Analysis of Seismic Data from a Simulated Fractured Medium Abstract Document
MSc Lloyd, Heather Jeanne Eileen An Investigation of the Role of Low Frequencies in Seismic Impedance Inversion Abstract Document
PhD Cheng, Peng Anelastic attenuation in seismic data: modeling, measurement, and correction Abstract Document
PhD Mahdi H. Al Mutlaq Surface-consistent matching filters for time-lapse processing Abstract Document
PhD Roohollah Askari Surface Wave Analysis and its Application to the Calculation of Converted Wave Static Corrections Abstract Document
MSc Arthur, J.M. A seismic study of active faults, Canterbury, New Zealand Abstract Document
MSc Nicol, Edward Andrew A Multicomponent Seismic Investigation of Natural and Induced Fracturing, Saskatchewan, Canada Abstract Document
PhD Cho, David Elasto-static and -dynamic Analysis of Subsurface Fracture Phenomena Abstract Document
MSc Saeed, Abdul-Nassir Time-lapse AVO inversion Abstract Document