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This section of the CREWES website is dedicated to providing supplementary articles and online papers to support a range of CREWES' unrestricted publications.

Powerpoint materials from Gary Margrave's course materials

Powerpoint file on Gabor Deconvolution

Zipped folder of Powerpoint and associated files on modelling

Phase Space Methods in Exploration Seismology

Paper on Amplitude-Preserving Migration

Amplitude preserving Kirchhoff migration: A traveltime based strategy

Dirk Gajewski, Radu Coman, and Claudia Vanelle

Summary: Amplitude versus offset information is a key feature to seismic reservoir characterization. Therefore amplitude preserving migration was developed to obtain this information from seismic reflection data. For complex 3-D media, however, this process is computationally expensive. In this paper we present an efficient traveltime based strategy for amplitude preserving migration of the Kirchhoff type.