Dr. Gary F. Margrave

Emeritus Professor
Department of Geoscience,
University of Calgary

E-mail: margraveucalgaryca

Selected Publications:

  1. Taylor series derivation of nonstationary wavefield extrapolators, 2000, G. F. Margrave and R. J. Ferguson, SEG Expanded Abstracts.
  2. Theory of nonstationary linear filtering in the Fourier domain with application to time variant filtering, 1998, G. F. Margrave, Geophysics 63, 244-259.
  3. Gabor Deconvolution, 2001, G. F. Margrave and M. P. Lamoureux, CREWES Research Report.
  4. Gabor deconvolution of seismic data for source waveform and Q correction, 2002, G. F. Margrave, M. P. Lamoureux, J. P. Grossman, and V. Iliescu, SEG Extended Abstracts.