Near-surface velocity characterization via RVSP and multicomponent seismic refraction experiments

Darryl G. Parry, Donald C. Lawton

A shallow 3-C RVSP survey was performed at a site in northwest Calgary. Traveltime inversion of the RVSP first arrivals has been augmented with a detailed 6-C refraction survey in order to define the velocity structure of the near-surface zone penetrated by the well. A velocity model consisting of 3 layers was derived with Vp = 3 10 m/s, Vs = 2 10 m/s in the first layer, Vp = 660 m/s, Vs = 330 m/s in the second layer, and Vp = 1790 m/s, Vs = 1110 m/s in the third layer.