New imaging results at the Chan Chich archaeological site

David C. Henley

The Chan Chich archaeological site in Belize has been the location for two experimental high-resolution 3-C seismic surveys, one each in 2000 and 2001. In spite of poor data quality on the 2000 survey, interesting and consistent images were produced for both the vertical and inline horizontal components of the survey, through the use of unconventional imaging techniques. Only the vertical component of the 2001 data set has been imaged to date, however, and a tomographic image created from the first breaks. Presented here are four final images from the 2000 Chan Chich 3-C survey, illustrating a curious ambiguity between the vertical and inline components, as well as the image from the 2001 vertical component and the tomographic results. Significantly, an anomaly tentatively identified on two of the images from 2000 seems to be present on both the 2001 reflection image and the tomographic image.