4-C ocean-bottom seismometer data from the 2000 SCREECH Cruise, offshore Newfoundland

Robert R. Stewart, Jessica Maria Jaramillo Sarasty, Carlos E. Nieto

A set of ocean bottom seismometers/hydrophones (OBS/H) transects was acquired in the summer of 2000 by an international group of institutes including Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. The four-component (4-C) OBS instruments were deployed in water depths exceeding 4000m. An 8540 cm in. air gun array with the R/V Ewing provided the acoustic source. We have conducted a very preliminary analysis of several 4-C receiver gathers and interpret many of the events as reflections. The stacking velocities of the events on the vertical channel are quite low - around 2.0 km/s. The stacking velocities of events on the horizontal channel are even lower around 1300 m/s. We found an event on the horizontal channel that has many of the characteristics of a P-S wave.