Elastic-wave seismic acquisition systems

Eric V. Gallant, Malcolm B. Bertram, Robert R. Stewart

CREWES has designed and built an omni-directional geophone and cable set for the University of Calgary's Geometrics Strataview 60 seismograph. This lightweight system has been field-tested and has given good results. Along with this geophone system we have also been testing various plates and blocks for hammer seismic energy sources. These can generate both P-wave and S-wave energy, depending on the design.

A new acoustic modelling tank has been acquired and measuring four feet square and two feet deep. Made of 15mm-thick glass, the depth will eliminate water column multiples and the width will eliminate edge effects from the sides. The glass sides will also aid in the alignment of the models and the sensors. A reusable river channel model has been built to test the acoustic response of various fluids and porous solids. Liquids such as water and oil and porous solids such as sand, steel shot and glass beads will be used for various experiments.