Some 2D results from the U of C Seismic Physical Modelling Facility

Joe Wong, Kevin W. Hall, Henry C. Bland, Eric V. Gallant, Malcolm B. Bertram

We have made progress in upgrading the Physical Seismic Scale Modelling Facility at the University of Calgary and bringing it back on line. Linear electric motors and motion tracks from Parker/Daedal and Parker Motion Control have been assembled and wired to provide precise movement and positioning of mm-sized piezoelectric transmitters and receivers. We use vendor-supplied hardware and software installed on PC computers to control the motors moving transmitter and receiver transducers in the x, y, and z directions. We have updated circuitry for producing high-voltage pulses to drive transmitting transducers and for amplifying receiver signals in the 50 kHz to 900 kHz range. We present examples of 2D seismic gathers recently recorded using the Physical Modelling Facility operating in a semi-automatic mode.