Time-lapse surface seismic monitoring of injected CO2 at the Penn West CO2-EOR site, Violet Grove, Alberta

Abdullah A. Alshuhail, Donald C. Lawton

Results of time lapse analysis of repeated 2D and limited 3D seismic surveys at the Penn West CO2-EOR site show very small changes between surveys. Data presented in this report show small changes in interval traveltime through the Cardium Formation reservoir. Investigation of seismic amplitude supports the observed changes in the traveltime and further suggests a possible directional flow of the injected CO2. The results are interpreted to indicate that the CO2 is confined primarily to a thin interval within the reservoir and may be mappable using walkaway vertical seismic profile surveys. Further analysis, such as AVO, will be carried out in the future to delineate more information about the injected CO2.