Side-by-side comparison of 3-C land streamer versus planted geophone data at the Priddis test site

Gabriela M. Suarez Barbero, Robert R. Stewart

A land streamer survey was successfully conducted by the CREWES Project in an area located in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The land streamer experiment was composed of two 3-C receiver lines located side-by-side: a land streamer and a planted geophone. Comparison of raw shot gathers, spectral analysis and stacked sections showed that the vertical channel data quality was found to be similar for both datasets, while the radial channel data was found to have highest quality for the planted geophone line. The signal bandwidth of the P-P reflections was fairly consistent along the receiver locations for the individual datasets, and correlated well between both experiments. For the P-S case there was no consistency within the land streamer dataset, nor any correlation with the conventional dataset.