Overview of multicomponent seismic field work at Spring Coulee, Alberta

Malcolm B. Bertram, Kevin W. Hall, Robert R. Stewart, Eric V. Gallant, Gary F. Margrave, Rolf Maier

In January 2008, the CREWES project, in association with ARAM Systems Ltd., conducted a multicomponent field program near Spring Coulee, Alberta. The purpose of this survey was to compare three-component geophone data to MEMS accelerometer data in a real world situation. A secondary purpose was to investigate the area for development potential on behalf of the University of Calgary, which holds subsurface rights on the land. A 2-D seismic line of 652 stations at 10 m spacing was acquired using 2 kg dynamite shots, two 48,000 lb vibrators and a 18,000 lb vibrator.