Seismic acquisition projects 2009

Malcolm B. Bertram, Kevin W. Hall, Gary F. Margrave, Donald C. Lawton, Joe Wong, Eric V. Gallant

Since the CREWES meeting in November 2008, several acquisition projects have been undertaken. These include: a) a 9C VSP and 3C 2D line recorded in March 2009 at the Priddis observatory, the VSP to provide data for near surface attenuation studies and geophone orientation algorithm development, and the 2D line to evaluate the area for the proposed injection test site embedded array, as well as provide another data set for noise analysis; b) a set of evaluation records recording weight drop thumps and low frequency vibrator sweeps into comparison spreads of geophones, MEMs sensors, and seismometers acquired in August 2009 to evaluate the low frequency response of the seismic sensors compared to seismometers, and investigate surface propagation at low frequencies; c) the 2009 University of Calgary Geophysics Field School (GOPH549), this year recording a 3C 2D line in the Spring Coulee area.. Also, during the last year, a new small weight drop source using an elastic band for acceleration has been developed and constructed at the University of Calgary.