Converted wave processing in the EOM domain

Thais A. Guirigay, John C. Bancroft

A new approach for converted wave prestack migration and velocity analysis has been developed. That is based on the consideration of prestack migration by equivalent offset and common scatter points (CSP). During the process, a converted wave velocity Vc was estimated from the hyperbolic moveout on a CSP gathers. Moveout (MO) correction and stacking complete the prestack migration. The intent of this paper is to see what additional uses can be made with Vc. Converted wave CSP gathers are formed by summing all input traces at the equivalent offset migration. A limited converted wave CSP (LCCSP) gather can be formed if we assume Vc replace Vp and Vs. Vc is valid only for zero offset data, however we can extend its application when there is an acceptable small error in the estimated traveltime. For a given trace with and acceptable time error, there may be still considerable trace energy to form a reasonable LCCSP.