Analysis of S-waves generated by explosive sources in boreholes: modeling and the Priddis experiment

Saúl Ernesto Guevara, Gary F. Margrave

The Priddis field experiment, carried out this year by CREWES, included explosive sources in boreholes. This report presents analysis of this source of S-waves using synthetic data generated by a finite difference method, and also shows some results at Priddis. The resulting synthetic data in the horizontal component, corresponding to the same source location and velocity model, are compared, and the effect of the vertical and tilted boreholes are clearly identified. A real case of 10 m depth vertical and tilted sources in Priddis, show variation in the energy distribution, but the S-wave pattern was not clearly identified. Further analyses will study this issue. The uphole experiment allowed to obtain a velocity model for S-waves in the near surface by events identified in the horizontal component. Additional analysis of other events of the wave field detected by the sensors deployment of these explosive source experiments will be considered.