Internal multiple prediction in the continuous wavelet transform maxima domain

Kristopher A. Innanen

We test possible applications of seismic processing in the continuous wavelet transform maxima (CWTM) domain, which is the prediction of internal or interbed multiples. Both the use of the algorithm in the CWTM domain itself and the use of CWTM preprocessed data in the nominal (time or pseudodepth) domain are considered. In this initial study it is established that the outcome of the use of the prediction algorithm in the CWTM domain is close to that produced in the nominal domain, opening this domain up to examination, in particular with respect to scale dependent integration limit parameters. It is also established using a particularly noisy poststack land data trace that aggressive denoising in the CWTM domain, while potentially harmful in action on traces whose amplitude information will be interpreted, could be very effective if used on the data ingredients of the prediction operator.