Depth calibration of DAS VSP data at CaMI Field Research Station

Jorge E. Monsegny, Donald C. Lawton, Daniel O. Trad

The correct localization of vertical seismic profile data in the surrounding geology is a very important step during processing and interpretation. Geophone data usually have very accurate positions along the well that help in this localization. In contrast, distributed acoustic sensing data positions are not as accurate because they do not have point locations like geophones and because of the imperfect knowledge of the fibre location in the well and surface. We test two methods to calibrate the depths of distributed acoustic sensing vertical data from the Containment and Monitoring Institute Field Research Station. The first method uses the frequency spectra but requires the presence of patterns related to the well casing. The second method correlates consistent scalars from the seismic data with the sonic log to obtain a vertical shift. Only the second method gave us values to calibrate the data with the geology.