2021 CREWES field work

Kevin L. Bertram, Kevin W. Hall, Malcolm B. Bertram, Rachel Lauer, Kristopher A. Innanen

This year has seen a return to some of the normal operations of CREWES in the field. The ability to acquire field data provides CREWES a great advantage by providing the opportunity to test theories using actual seismic data.Field acquisition projects that were carried out in 2021 include: a) a VSP survey carried out at the CaMI.FRS; b) a thumper test using the Seismic Group's nitrogen spring thumper trailer and a truck mounted thumper from Explor; c) testing of the CREWES downhole tool; d) the 2021 GOPH549 undergraduate field school; e) timelapse during CO2 injection at CaMI.FRS.