Deblending in various domains

Ziguang Su, Daniel O. Trad

Seismic acquisition is a trade-off between economy and quality. Deblending of simultaneous source data, which allows a temporal overlap between shot records, has significant advantages to improve data quality (e.g., denser shooting) and reduce acquisition cost (e.g., efficient wide-azimuth shooting). Deblending may use the coherency property of simultaneous source data that varies in different domains. Common shot gathers (CSGs) can be converted into common midpoint gather, common receiver gather, or common image gather for deblending. Angle domain common image gathers (ADCIGs) can be extracted from Poynting vector or energy norm in reverse time migration(RTM). This report investigates blended data in the common image domain and creates an angle-related deblending method in ADCIGs.