Cvictus VSP

Kevin W. Hall, Kristopher A. Innanen

CREWES participated in the acquisition of walk-away baseline and monitor crosswell and vertical seismic profile (VSP) surveys at a Cvictus combined hydrogen production and carbon dioxide sequestration site in central Alberta in early 2022. Fifteen hundred tons of CO2 were injected between the baseline and monitor surveys. Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) data were acquired for downhole sparker data over a 150 m depth interval for the cross-well baseline survey and a 38 m interval for the cross-well monitor survey with a nominal twelve shots per depth level. Vibe points (VP) on four different azimuths centered on the observation well were acquired with eight sweeps per VP for the baseline VSP and sixteen sweeps per VP for the monitor survey. Initial time-lapse zero-offset VSP processing of a single VP shows no obvious post-injection amplitude or time-delay anomaly at reservoir depth. More work, including modelling and full processing of the walkaway VSP is in progress.