Multi-azimuth and offset directional strain tensor results recorded on an experimental directional sensor.

Kevin W. Hall, Kristopher A. Innanen, Donald C. Lawton

An experimental 10x10 m Directional DAS Sensor (DDS, also known as the Pretzel) was buried at a depth of 2 m at Carbon Management Canada’s Newell County Facility (formerly known as the Containment and Monitoring Institute’s Field Research Station, or CaMI.FRS), near Brooks Alberta in 2018. We recorded 549 VP on the sensor as part of the Snowflake2 survey that was acquired in 2022. The data were processed to extract traces from the center of each side of each square in the sensor to form eight component source gathers, followed by estimation of directional strain tensor traces We plotted time slices of the results as colour-coded quiver plots in map form where the base of the quivers are located at VP-DDS mid-point locations and have observed circular wavefronts propagating with an apparent direction from the DDS towards far offsets. The results presented in this report constitute a better, and certainly more complete, proof of concept demonstration of the DDS than was previously possible.