Quantitative FWI characterization and monitoring of reservoir properties at the CMC Newell County Facility

Qi Hu, Matthew Eaid, Scott Keating, Kristopher A. Innanen

The spatial distribution of CO2 saturation and the plume location can be monitored using time-lapse seismic data. Due to the limited knowledge of rock and fluid properties before injection, model predictions are often uncertain and must be updated when new measurements are available. The 2018 CMC VSP survey provided a dataset suitable for creating a baseline subsurface model for later monitoring studies. In this report, we apply full waveform inversion to the measured data, to reconstruct the subsurface model of elastic and rock physics properties. The key strategies used in our FWI framework are the effective source method for coping with near surface complexity, the inclusion of DAS data in FWI for leveraging the complementary aspects of accelerometer and DAS data, and the rockphysics parameterized FWI that allows for jointly updating the elastic and rock physics variables. The result is high-resolution, plausible, and has a good agreement with the welllog data.