Friday Talks 2012

Please note that any animations or movies that were in the presentations will not play in these files

Date Author(s) Title Availability
  January 13 Christopher Harrison* and Gary Margrave and Michael Lamoureux and Art Seiwert and Andrew Barrett Harmonic decomposition of vibroseis sweeps using Gabor analysis   Document
  January 20 Ben Wards* Not available   Document
  January 27 Glen Young* and Kris Innanen Multiparameter inverse scattering: A preliminary computational approach   Document
  February 3 Diane Lespinasse* and Christopher Clarkson and Robert Ferguson Elastic impedance analysis for methane and CO2 discrimination in coalbeds   Document
  February 10 Faranak Mahmoudian* and Gary Margrave AVAZ inversion for fracture orientation and fracture density on physical model data   Document
  February 17 Thais Guirigay* Not available   Document
  March 2 Jean Cui* Non-welded contact interface with media   Document
  March 9 Mahdi Almutlaq* and Gary Margrave Match filtering a time-lapse data set utilizing the surface-consistent method   Document
  March 16 Chris Petten* Investigating radiation patterns and power spectra from spherically symmetric explosive sources   Document
  March 23 Todor Todorov* Synthetic seismograms in stratified media: a theoretical overview   Document
  March 30 Shahin Moradi* and Don Lawton Fluid substitution analysis for the monitoring test center and an overview of the Shell QUEST project   Document
  September 21 Roohollah Askari Estimation of Near Surface Shear Wave Velocity Using CMP Cross-Correlation of Surface Waves 9CCSW)   Document
  September 28 Hassan Khaniani Not Available   Document
  September 28 Joe Wong Elastic 2D Modeling of Seismic Surveys   Document
  October 5 Shahin Jabbari A framework for AVO analysis of time-lapse difference data when contrasts are large   Document
  October 12 Naser Yousefzadeh Velocity evaluation using Least Squares Prestack Migration (LSPSM)   Document
  October 12 David C. Henley A brief lapse in time: Processing time-lapse model data   Document
  October 19 Mohammed Alarfaj Not Available   Document
  October 26 Saul Guevara Migration and angle gathers: some experiments   Document
  November 2 Steve Kim Characterization of poroelastic torgets for P- and S-waves using linear and non-linear AVO methods   Document
  November 16 Patricia Gavotti Not Available   Document
  November 23 Vladimir Zubov Not Available   Document