Friday Talks 2015

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Date Author(s) Title Availability
  Jan-16 Adriana Gordon Computing pseudo-crosswell data by using seismic interferometry with sources on the surface   Document
  Jan-23 Malcolm Bertram Priddis Projects, June to November 2014   Document
  Jan-30 Khaled Al Dulaijan South Komie 3D Seismic Analysis of Fractured Reservoirs   Document
  Feb-06 Bobby Gunning Processing and interpretation of 2D seismic from Inglewood Park, Calgary, Alberta   Document
  Feb-13 Helen Isaac Synthetic Seismograms - an interesting story   Document
  Feb-20   Reading Week - No Meeting    
  Feb-27 Shahin Jabbari Application of nonlinear time-lapse AVO to the Pouce Coupe data set   Document
  Mar-06 Junxiao Li Borehole reverse time migration for acoustic well logging data   Document
  Mar-13 Davood Nowroozi HR 3D-3C Design for reservoir monitoring, Brooks   Document
  Mar-20 John Guo 5D Interpolation by Arbitrarily Sampled Fourier Trasform   Document
  Mar-27 Raul Cova Making shear-wave statics actual statics   Document
  Apr-03   Good Friday - No Meeting    
  Apr-10 Tianci Cui Analysis of well tying: The influence of attenuation and Gabor deconvolution   Document
  Apr-17   End of Semester - No Meeting    
  Sep-18 Bobby Gunning, Eric Rops and Bona Wu Experiences in industry internships   Document
  Sep-25 Eric Rops Predicting Heavey Oil Viscosity from Well Logs   Document
  Oct-2 Heather Hardeman Using basis pursuit in seismic data   Document
  Oct-9 Don Lawton Comparison of seismic technologies for monitoring versus exploration   Document
  Oct-16 Scott Keating L1 nonstationary adaptive subtraction   Document
  Oct-23   SEG - No Meeting    
  Oct-30 Sergio Romahn Repercussions of available long offset, random noise and impedance contrast on AVO analysis   Document
  Nov-06 Gary Margrave A finite difference model for Hussar   Document
  Nov-13   Reading Week - No Meeting