Friday Talks 2020

Please note that any animations or movies that were in the presentations will not play in these files

Date Author(s) Title Availability
17-Jan Ziguang Su Deblending RTM in the receiver domain   Document
24-Jan Ron Weir Duvernay Formation reservoir characterization: the use of structure, stratigraphy, and inversion   Document
31-Jan Marie Macquet Towards continuous geophysical monitoring of CO2 injection   Document
7-Feb Ali Fathalian Numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation in attenuative transversely isotropic media   Document
14-Feb   Friday Talk Cancelled    
21-Feb   Reading Week - No Meeting    
28-Feb Scott Keating Constraining model parameters in full waveform inversion   Document
06-Mar Matt Eaid The role of the fiber gauge length in FWI of DAS strain data   Document
13-Mar He Liu A first-order qSV-wave propagator in 2D VTI media   Document
15-May Hongliang Zhang Simultaneous inversion of effective anisotropic parameters and microseismic event locations in HTI media: A physical modeling study (VIDEO)   Video
22-May Jorge Monsegny-Parra Reverse time migration approaches for VSP DAS   Video
29-May Dave Henley Let there be light: surface seismic illumination   Video