Research Reports 1992

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  P7 Robert W. Vestrum and Robert R. Stewart Diamond prospecting in Alberta - a remote sensing approach Abstract Document
  P6 Darryl G. Parry and Don C. Lawton Multi-method investigations of the near-surface Abstract Document
  P5 Michael A. Slawinski and R. James Brown Investigation of quasi-shear waves in an isotropic/anisotropic medium Abstract Document
  P4 Robert R. Stewart and Dan V. Vetrici 3-D reverse VSP Abstract Document
  P3 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton and Robert R. Stewart Reservoir characterization using seismic methods at Cold Lake, Alberta Abstract Document
  P2 Robert W. Vestrum and Robert R. Stewart Joint P and P-SV inversion: Application and testing Abstract Document
  P1 Yi-Yang Song and Robert R. Stewart Suppression of ground roll Abstract Document
  1 Don C. Lawton and Malcolm B. Bertram Omnipulse test results Abstract Document
  2 Donald T. Easley Alternate description of the wavefield generated by two vertical vibrators in counterphase Abstract Document
  3 Eric V. Gallant and Malcolm B. Bertram Update on the elastic modeling system Abstract Document
  4 Darran J. Edwards 3-D modeling of a reef-fault block structure Abstract Document
  5 Kelly D. Hrabi and Don C. Lawton 3-D physical modeling study of a lower Cretaceous channel in central Alberta Abstract Document
  6 Taiwen Chen and Don C. Lawton Multiconverted reflections in marine environments Abstract Document
  7 Henry C. Bland Visualizing particle motion in 3-D Abstract Document
  8 Ye Zheng and Robert R. Stewart Polarization filter: Design and testing Abstract Document
  9 Armin W. Schafer A comparison of converted-wave binning methods using a synthetic model of the Highwood Structure, Alberta Abstract Document
  10 Chakrit Sukaramongkol and Don C. Lawton P-P and P-SV seismic imaging in the Triangle Zone, Canadian Rocky Mountain Foothills Abstract Document
  11 Steven C. Fisher and Robert R. Stewart and Harry M. Jol Processing ground penetrating radar (GPR) data Abstract Document
  12 Susan L.M. Miller Well log analysis of Vp and Vs in carbonates Abstract Document
  13 Guoping Li and Robert R. Stewart Crosswell reflection imaging Abstract Document
  14 Zandong Sun and Peter Manning and R. James Brown Multioffset 3-C VSP processing and coal-seam anisotropy: An Alberta case history Abstract Document
  15 Craig A. Coulombe and Robert R. Stewart and Michael J. Jones AVO analysis of VSP and well log data Abstract Document
  16 Lawrence H.T. Le and Robert Burridge Numerical simulation of wave propagation in finely layered and attenuated medium Abstract Document
  17 Hai-Man Chung and Don C. Lawton Amplitude responses of thin beds: Sinusoidal approximation versus Ricker approximation Abstract Document
  18 Donald T. Easley Composite media as generalized continua Abstract Document
  19 R. James Brown and Stuart Crampin and Eric V. Gallant Modelling shear-wave singularities in an orthorhombic medium Abstract Document
  20 Zandong Sun and R. James Brown Cubic anisotropy and anisotropic salt Abstract Document
  21 Lawrence H.T. Le On Cagniard's problem for a qSH line source in transversely isotropic media Abstract Document
  22 Lawrence H.T. Le and E.S. Krebes and Gerardo E. Quiroga-Goode Synthetic seismograms for SH waves in anelastic transversely isotropic media Abstract Document
  23 Björn E. Rommel Approximate stacking velocities in a weakly transversely anisotropic layer Abstract Document
  24 Donald T. Easley and R. James Brown Elastic tensors and their preferred frames of reference Abstract Document
  25 Henry C. Bland CREWES computer systems Abstract Document
  26 Mark C. Lane Effective seismic processing under UNIX Abstract Document
  27 Darren S. Foltinek Software development within the CREWES Project Abstract Document
  28 Lawrence H.T. Le and Ernest R. Kanasewich and Flavian Abramovici and E.S. Krebes and Wayne Karpoff Parallel computation in seismic modeling Abstract Document