Research Reports 1993

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Robert H. Tatham and Robert R. Stewart Present status and future directions in applications of shear-wave seismology in exploration Abstract Document
  2 Darryl G. Parry and Don C. Lawton Near surface characterization using 9-component refraction survey: Cochrane, Alberta Abstract Document
  3 Eric V. Gallant and Don C. Lawton Synthetic rock for seismic modelling Abstract Document
  4 R. James Brown and Zandong Sun An underground seismic-anisotropy experiment in a salt mine Abstract Document
  5a Guoping Li and Robert R. Stewart Reflection imaging for synthetic crosswell seismic data Abstract Document
  5b Guoping Li and Robert R. Stewart Reflection imaging for crosswell seismic data: Friendswood, Texas Abstract Document
  6 Zandong Sun and Michael J. Jones VSP multi-algorithm shear-wave anisotropy study Abstract Document
  7 Zandong Sun and Michael J. Jones Seismic wavefields recorded at near-vertical incidence from a counterphase source Abstract Document
  8 Darryl G. Parry and Don C. Lawton Analysis of direct wave arrivals in a shallow multi-offset reverse VSP Abstract Document
  9 Henry C. Bland and Darren S. Foltinek CREWES computer system Abstract Document
  10 Henry C. Bland Rationalizing varying seismic data formats Abstract Document
  11 Yi-Yang Song and Robert R. Stewart Ground roll rejection via f-v filtering Abstract Document
  12 Ye Zheng and Robert R. Stewart Directional filtering and side-swipe imaging Abstract Document
  13 Robert W. Vestrum and Robert R. Stewart Joint P and P-SV inversion: Application and testing Abstract Document
  14 Donald T. Easley and Darren S. Foltinek Synthetic seismograms for P and S waves using the Goupillaud model Abstract Document
  15 Robert R. Stewart and Graham Pye and Peter W. Cary and Susan L.M. Miller Interpretation of P-SV seismic data: Willesden Green, Alberta Abstract Document
  16 Susan L.M. Miller and Mark P. Harrison and Ken J. Szata and Robert R. Stewart Processing and preliminary interpretation of multicomponent seismic data from Lousana, Alberta Abstract Document
  17 Donald T. Easley Mixed-phase coupled vibrators Abstract Document
  18 Donald T. Easley Numerical trial of a statistical method to find the preferred frames of reference of elastic tensors Abstract Document
  19 Lawrence H.T. Le and E.S. Krebes Nongeometrical S* arrival in a transversely isotropic solid Abstract Document
  20 Lawrence H.T. Le and Donald T. Easley and Robert R. Stewart Wavefield separation in transversely isotropic medium: A plane-wave decomposition approach Abstract Document
  21 Flavian Abramovici and Lawrence H.T. Le Defining an explosive point source in a transversely isotropic medium Abstract Document
  22 Robert W. Vestrum and R. James Brown Group versus phase velocity in laboratory measurements on orthorhombic samples Abstract Document
  23a Henry C. Bland and Robert R. Stewart 3-D seismic visualization Abstract Document
  23b Robert R. Stewart 3-D seismic textural analysis Abstract Document
  24 Dave G. Schieck and Robert R. Stewart Full 3-D versus rotated 2-D filters Abstract Document
  25 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton Cold Lake 3-D seismic data analysis Abstract Document
  26 J. Helen Isaac and Robert R. Stewart 3-D seismic characterization of a cryptoexplosion structure Abstract Document
  27 Dan Gr. Vetrici The carbonate reservoir as seen by a geophysicist: An update. Abstract Document
  28 Don C. Lawton Optimum bin size for converted-wave 3-D asymptotic mapping Abstract Document
  29 Mark C. Lane and Don C. Lawton 3-D converted wave asymptotic binning Abstract Document
  30 Glenn A. Larson and Robert R. Stewart and Peter W. Cary A converted wave (P-SV) processing flow and applications to the Joffre Field, Alberta Abstract Document
  31 Robert R. Stewart and Daniel P. Hampson 3-D joint P- and S-wave seismic inversion Abstract Document
  32 Darren S. Foltinek CREWES software release Abstract Document