Research Reports 1994

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Robert R. Stewart The present and promise of P-S seismic exploration Abstract Document
  2 Nicolas Martin and Robert R. Stewart The effect of low frequencies on seismic analysis Abstract Document
  3 Maria Donati and Robert R. Stewart Improvement of P-data using 3-C seismic data Abstract Document
  4 R. James Brown and Carl Gunhold and Malcolm B. Bertram and Eric V. Gallant The Priddis multicomponent seismograph station, local seismicity, and oilfield earthquakes Abstract Document
  5 Darryl J. Parry and Don C. Lawton Near-surface velocity characterization via RVSP and multicomponent seismic refraction experiments Abstract Document
  6 Wai-Kin Chan and Robert R. Stewart Migration velocity analysis for P-S data Abstract Document
  7 Susan L.M. Miller and Mark P. Harrison and Don C. Lawton and Robert R. Stewart and Ken J. Szata Analysis of P-P and P-SV seismic data from Lousana, Alberta Abstract Document
  8 Robert J. Ferguson and Robert R. Stewart and Henry C. Bland Estimating shear-wave velocity logs using P-S seismic inversion Abstract Document
  9 Michael A. Slawinski and Raphael A. Slawinski Energy partition at the boundary between anisotropic media; Part one: Generalized Snell's Law Abstract Document
  10 Robert W. Vestrum and R. James Brown From group or phase velocities to the general anisotropic stiffness tensor Abstract Document
  11 Georg Rümpker and R. James Brown Shear-wave propagation in orthorhombic Phenolic CE: A comparison of numerical and physical modelling Abstract Document
  12 Zandong Sun and Robert R. Stewart 3-D reverse VSP Abstract Document
  13 Robert J. Ferguson Ground-roll characterization: Cold Lake 3-D seismic example Abstract Document
  14 Jocelyn Dufour and Don C. Lawton Extension of delay time analysis for 3-D seismic refraction statics Abstract Document
  15 Wai-Kin Chan and Robert R. Stewart 3-D f-k filtering Abstract Document
  16 Hans-Henrik Westbroek and Robert R. Stewart 3-D seismic imaging of complex intrusions Abstract Document
  17 Maria Donati and Nicolas B. Martin and John C. Bancroft Steep dip Kirchhoff migration for linear velocity gradients Abstract Document
  18 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton 3-D and 3-C seismic data analysis at Cold Lake, Alberta Abstract Document
  19 Henry C. Bland and Darren S. Foltinek CREWES computer systems Abstract Document
  20 Darren S. Foltinek and Robert R. Stewart and Don C. Lawton Electronic documents and the World Wide Web Abstract Document
  21 Henry C. Bland and Darren S. Foltinek CREWES Software Release Abstract Document
  22 Eric V. Gallant and Don C. Lawton and R. James Brown and Robert R. Stewart Physical modelling update Abstract Document
  23 Don C. Lawton Acquisition design for 3-D converted waves Abstract Document
  24 Mark C. Lane An implementation of 3-D seismic binning Abstract Document
  25 Shaowu Wang and Mark C. Lane and Don C. Lawton Fast 3-D converted-wave depth-variant common conversion point stacking Abstract Document
  26 Shaowu Wang and John C. Bancroft and Don C. Lawton DMO processing for mode-converted waves in a medium with a linear increase in velocity with depth Abstract Document
  27 John C. Bancroft and Hugh D. Geiger and Darren S. Foltinek and Shaowu Wang Prestack migration by equivalent offsets and CSP gathers Abstract Document
  28 John C. Bancroft and Shaowu Wang Converted wave prestack migration and velocity analysis by equivalent offsets and CSP gathers Abstract Document
  29 Don C. Lawton and Shaowu Wang Converted-wave (P-SV) data processing and interpretation for 3-D surveys: A physical modelling example Abstract Document
  30 R. James Brown Some seismic reflections on 3C-3D and anisotropy Abstract Document
  31 Peter W. Cary 3D converted-wave seismic processing Abstract Document
  32 Glenn A. Larson and Robert R. Stewart Interpretation of 3-D P-S seismic data: Joffre, Alberta Abstract Document
  33 Qi Zhang and Zandong Sun and R. James Brown and Robert R. Stewart VSP interpretation from Joffre, Alberta Abstract Document