CREWES Matlab Toolbox

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Matlab introduced a new graphics engine as of version 2014b. The most recent version of CREWES Toolbox that worked prior to this change is version 860. Note that version 860 is no longer supported. Please consider updating your Matlab installation if it is older than R2014b.

CREWES Toolbox Version: 860  104.29 MB
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Primary author: Gary F. Margrave
Primary maintainer:
Current development environment: Matlab 2019a
Snapshot ( updated: Daily



This software is called the CREWES MATLAB Software Library (CMSL) and accompanies the textbook Numerical Methods of Exploration Seismology: With Algorithms in MATLAB (NMES) by Gary F. Margrave and Michael P. Lamoureux (Cambridge University Press, 2019). The textbook discusses a subset of the CMSL. Both library and text are intended for teaching and research in exploration seismology. The complete CMSL is a large collection of geophysical codes that has grown by accretion over time with limited planning or regulation. The subset of CMSL covered by NMES has been checked for consistency and accuracy; however, no warranty of correctness is given or implied. Use the software entirely at your own risk. As there is much more in the CMSL than is described in NMES, you are encouraged to explore it.

Installation instructions

Extract the contents of to:

  • Microsoft Windows: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\MATLAB\crewes
  • Linux: $HOME/Documents/MATLAB/crewes

Then start Matlab and look for 'Set Path' on the Home Ribbon.
In the window that appears, click on the button "Add with subfolders...".  Locate the folder called "crewes" -- Click on it once to highlight it, then click "Select Folder".  Save the new path by clicking "Save".