Graduate Theses 1999

Degree Author Title Availability
MSc Cieslewicz, Dan Near-Surface Seismic Characterization using Three-Component Buried Geophones Abstract Document
MSc Dey, Ayon K. An Analysis of Seismic Wavelet Estimation Abstract Document
PhD Ferguson, Robert J. Seismic Imaging in Heterogeneous Anisotropic Media by Nonstationary Phase Shift Abstract Document
MSc Larsen, Jeffrey A. AVO Inversion by Simultaneous P-P and P-S Inversion Abstract Document
MSc Li, Xinxiang Residual statics analysis using prestack equivalent offset migration Abstract Document
MSc Mazur, Michael J. The Seismic Characterization of Meteorite Impact Structures Abstract Document
PhD Sun, Zandong Seismic Methods for Heavy Oil Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization Abstract Document
MSc Xu, Yong AVO developments applied to Blackfoot 3C-2D broadband line Abstract Document