Graduate Theses 2003

Degree Author Title Availability
MSc Chabot, Louis Single-well imaging using full-waveform sonic data Abstract Document
MSc Elapavuluri, Pavan K. Estimation of Thomsen's anisotropic parameters from geophysical measurements using equivalent offset gathers and the shifted-hyperbola NMO equation Abstract Document
MSc Richardson, Sarah E. Multicomponent seismic applications in coalbed methane development, Red Deer, Alberta Abstract Document
MSc Sun, Shuang The use of common scatter point gathers to detect amplitude variation with offset Abstract Document
MSc Vant, Alexandru Studies of multicomponent seismic polarity and amplitude Abstract Document
MSc Yang, Jianli Numerical and physical modeling of P-S converted waves in VTI media Abstract Document
MSc Zhang, Hongbo Interpretive PP and PS Joint Inversion Abstract Document