Graduate Theses 2004

Degree Author Title Availability
MSc Beckett, Jeffrey K. Seismic imaging using matched filters for operator weighting Abstract Document
MSc Chen, Qiaozhi (Sandy) Time-lapse Seismology to Determine Foamy Oil and Wormhole Footprints in a Heavy Oil Cold Production Reservoir Abstract Document
MSc Dong, Linping Nonstationary wavelet simulation and estimation Abstract Document
MSc Ogiesoba, O. Christopher Prestack Vp/Vs scanning and automatic PS-to-PP time mapping using multicomponent seismic data Abstract Document
MSc Perez, Marco Traveltime Tomography in Isotropic and Transversely Isotropic Media Abstract Document
MSc Royle, Andrew J. The Differentiation Mapping of Oil Gravity Using Amplitude Variation with Offset, Hebron Ben Nevis Field, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada Abstract Document
PhD Russell, Brian H. The application of multivariate statistics and neural networks to the prediction of reservoir parameters using seismic attributes Abstract Document
MSc Watson, Ian A. Integrated geological and geophysical analysis of a heavy-oil reservoir at Pikes Peak, Saskatchewan Abstract Document