Graduate Theses 2009

Degree Author Title Availability
MSc Feng, Hong Hydrocarbon indicators derived from AVO analysis Abstract Document
MSc Quijada, Maria F. Estimating elastic properties of sandstone reservoirs using well logs and seismic inversion Abstract Document
MSc Alcudia, Alejandro Microphone and geophone data analysis for noise characterization and seismic signal enhancement Abstract Document
MSc Allen, Matt Exploring a Maya Pyramid Ruin using Seismic and Radar Tomography Abstract Document
MSc McCrank, Jason Seismic Detection and Characterization of a CO2 Flood in Ardley Coals, Alberta, Canada Abstract Document
MSc Varga, Roxana M. Using multicomponent seismic data to delineate hydrocarbon reservoirs: 2D-3C Willesden Green, Alberta and 3D-3C Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan Abstract Document