Joint PP and PS seismic inversion

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This section of the CREWES website is dedicated to collecting information on the subject of joint inversion.

G.F. Margrave, Robert R. Stewart and Jeffrey A. Larsen, 2001, Joint P-P and P-S seismic inversion: The Leading Edge, Vol. 20, No. 9, 2001, pp 1048-1052

Summary: This paper presents a practical method for the joint inversion of PP and PS reflection data. This method is then applied to field data and the results compared with the inversion of PP data alone.

Joint PP and PS seismic inversion: expanded version of published paper

Joint P and PS seismic inversion, Stewart R.R., originally in the 1990 CREWES Research Report

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Simultaneous P-P and P-S inversion by weighted stacking applied to the Blackfoot 3C-3D survey, by Larsen, et al., originally published in the 1998 CREWES Research Report

AVO Inversion by Simultaneous P-P and P-S Inversion: Jeff Larsen's M.Sc. thesis

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