Friday Talks 2018

Please note that any animations or movies that were in the presentations will not play in these files

Date Author(s) Title Availability
12-Jan   CREWES Potluck Lunch    
19-Jan Kris Innanen Seismic reflections from time boundaries and [possible] applications   Document
26-Jan Nasser Kazemi Illumination compensation with seismic-while-drilling plus surface seismic imaging   Document
2-Feb Marie Macquet Working with continuous seismic data at the CaMI Field Research Station: some ideas to explore   Document
9-Feb Bernard Law Illumination compensation with seismic-while-drilling plus surface seismic imaging   Document
16-Feb Eric Trouillot and Scott Quiring Getting Started with Acceleware Seismic Software   Document
23-Feb   No Meeting - Reading Week    
2-Mar Dr. Raul Cova Distributed ledger technologies: what are they and how could we use them?   Document
9-Mar Dr. Junxiao Li Second Order Hybrid-Perfectly Matched Layers and Frequency Domain Full Waveform Inversion   Document
16-Mar Dr. Marcelo Guarido Machine learning in geophysics/geology: some examples   Document
23-Mar Lei Yang Least-squares reverse time migration in time and frequency domains   Document
6-Apr Heather Hardeman Scale-invariant image-recognition using convolutional neural networks and wavelet analysis   Document
30-Mar   No Meeting - Good Friday    
14-Sep Daniel Trad and Internship Students Overview of summer internships and some of the computing software resources now available to CREWES researchers (and spansors!)   Document
21-Sep Daniel Trad and Internship Students High-performance computing: resources and methods   Document
28-Sep Kris Innanen Seismic waves in an elastically-braced medium: an attempt to explain a strange phenomenon   Document
5-Oct Ali Fathalian Viscoacoustic reverse time migration with attenuation compensation   Document
12-Oct Scott Keating Strategies for reducing cross-talk in viscoacoustic FWI   Document
26-Sep Bernie Law Velocity model building by slope tomography   Document
2-Nov Nadine Igonin Physical modelling: complex source experiments   Document
8-Nov Matt Eaid Frequency domain adaptive waveform inversion   Document
16-Nov   No Meeting - Reading Week    
23-Nov Ron Weir Focal-time estimation: a new method for stratigraphic depth control of induced seismicity   Document