Research Reports 1995

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 R.J. Brown and D.W. Eaton and E.V. Gallant and D. C. Lawton and G.F. Margrave and A. J. van der Velden The Lithoprobe regional three-component experiment in Southern Alberta Abstract Document
  2 Jill Belisle 3C-3D seismic survey over high-angle intrusives: A physical modelling study Abstract Document
  3 Eric V. Gallant and Robert R. Stewart Laboratory velocity analyses of sandstone core from the Blackfoot field, Alberta Abstract Document
  4 Henry C. Bland and Darren S. Foltinek CREWES Computer Systems Abstract Document
  5 Gary F. Margrave and Darren S. Foltinek Synthetic P-P and P-S cross sections Abstract Document
  6 Kangan Fang and R. James Brown Numerical simulation of wave propagation in anisotropic media Abstract Document
  7 Nicholas W. Martin and R. James Brown Estimating anisotropic permeability from attenuation anisotropy using 3C-2D data Abstract Document
  8 Michael A. Slawinski The characteristic biquadratic: An illustration of transmission in anisotropic media Abstract Document
  9 Michael A. Slawinski and Raphael A. Slawinski and R. James Brown Energy partition at the boundary between anisotropic media; Part two: Raytracing in layered, anisotropic media - comparison of synthetic and experimental result Abstract Document
  10 Robert R. Stewart and Qi Zhang and Felix Guthoff Relationships among elastic-wave values (Rpp, Rps, Rss, Vp, Vs, ) Abstract Document
  11 Maria S. Donati and Nicolas W. Martin Seismic reconstruction using a 3-D tau-p transform Abstract Document
  12 Maria S. Donati and Robert R. Stewart P and S wave separation at a liquid-solid interface Abstract Document
  13 Wai-kin Chan and Robert R. Stewart Missing trace interpolation and its enhancement of seismic processes Abstract Document
  14 Wai-kin Chan A proposal for the automatic extraction of Vp/Vs from multicomponent seismic data Abstract Document
  15 Robert R. Stewart and Robert J. Ferguson Dix interval velocity for shear waves Abstract Document
  16 Siriporn Chaisri and R. James Brown Approximate parameters of anisotropy from reflection traveltime curves Abstract Document
  17 Nicholas W. Martin Improving vertical resolution in the Panny Field using 2-D seismic inversion Abstract Document
  18 Robert J. Ferguson and Robert R. Stewart Constrained Inversion of P-S seismic data Abstract Document
  19 Hans-Henrik Westbroek and Robert R. Stewart Seismic interpretation of the White Valley structure: A possible meteorite impact crater Abstract Document
  20 R. J. Brown and N.L. Anderson and D.A. Cederwall and Z. Sun and P.M. Manning and Q. Zhang Duhamel: A seismic analysis of differential compaction in a Leduc reef Abstract Document
  21 J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton Converted-wave processing and interpretation at Cold Lake, Alberta Abstract Document
  22 Susan L. M. Miller and Don C. Lawton and Robert R. Stewart Interpretation and modelling of P-P and P-S seismic data from Lousana, Alberta. Abstract Document
  23 John C. Bancroft and Hugh D. Geiger and Shaowu Wang and Darren S. Foltinek Prestack migration by equivalent offsets and CSP gathers: An update Abstract Document
  24 John C. Bancroft and Hugh D. Geiger Velocity sensitivity for equivalent offsets in CSP gathers Abstract Document
  25 John C. Bancroft Aliasing in prestack migration Abstract Document
  26 John C. Bancroft 3-D field design, migration, and aliasing Abstract Document
  27 Shaowu Wang and John C. Bancroft and Don C. Lawton and Darren S. Foltinek Converted wave (P-S) prestack migration and migration velocity analysis Abstract Document
  28 Hugh D. Geiger and John C. Bancroft Equivalent offset prestack migration for rugged topography Abstract Document
  29 Hugh D. Geiger and John C. Bancroft Prestack migration to an unmigrated zero offset section Abstract Document
  30 Wai-kin Chan Time-to-depth conversion using image waves Abstract Document
  31 Kangan Fang Prestack Kirchhoff migration Abstract Document
  32 Richard J. Pegoraro and Robert R. Stewart 3-D seismic analysis using remote sensing techniques Abstract Document
  33 Dan Vetrici and Robert R. Stewart 3-D seismic horizon map processing Abstract Document
  34 Qi Zhang and Robert R. Stewart and Zandong Sun 3-D VSP: survey design and processing Abstract Document
  35 Robert R. Stewart The Blackfoot broad-band 3-C seismic survey: Introduction Abstract Document
  36 Eric V. Gallant and Robert R. Stewart and Malcolm B. Bertram and Don C. Lawton Acquisition of the Blackfoot broad-band seismic survey Abstract Document
  37 Malcolm B. Bertram Acquisition instrument performance from the Blackfoot broad-band survey Abstract Document
  38 Stan J. Gorek and Robert R. Stewart and Mark P. Harrison Processing the Blackfoot broad-band 3-C seismic data Abstract Document
  39 Gary F. Margrave Estimates of the signal bandwidth of the Blackfoot broad-band data Abstract Document
  40 Chanpen Silawongsawat Post-stack inversion of P-P Blackfoot data Abstract Document
  41 Robert J. Ferguson P-P and P-S inversion of 3-C seismic data: Blackfoot, Alberta Abstract Document
  42 Susan L. M. Miller and Evsen Ö. Aydemir and Gary F. Margrave Preliminary interpretation of P-P and P-S seismic data from the Blackfoot broad-band survey Abstract Document
  43 Don C. Lawton and Robert R. Stewart and Andreas Cordsen and Stacey Hrycak Advances in 3C-3D design for converted waves Abstract Document
  44 Glenn A. Larson and Robert R. Stewart Processing and interpretation of 3C-3D seismic data: Clastic and carbonate numerical models Abstract Document
  46 Henry C. Bland and Darren S. Foltinek An introduction to the CREWES CD Abstract Document