Graduate Theses 2005

Degree Author Title Availability
PhD Downton, Jonathan E. Seismic parameter estimation from AVO inversion Abstract Document
PhD Grossman, Jeff P. Theory of adaptive, nonstationary filtering in the Gabor domain with applications to seismic inversion Abstract Document
MSc Jaramillo-Sarasty, Jessica M. Interpretation of well-log, VSP, seismic streamer, and OBS data at the White Rose oilfield, offshore Newfoundland Abstract Document
MSc Kelter, Amber C. Estimation of Thomsen's anisotropy parameters from compressional and converted wave surface seismic traveltime data using NMO equations, neural networks and regridding inversion Abstract Document
MSc Liu, Kun Stability and Accuracy Analysis of Space-frequency Wavefield Extrapolators for Depth Migration Abstract Document
MSc Munro, Kimberly A. Analysis of microseismic event picking with applications to landslide and oil-field monitoring settings Abstract Document
MSc Ng, Hannah Monitoring fluid injection using seismic time-lapse analysis: a Rainbow Lake case study Abstract Document
MSc Nieto, Carlos E. Multicomponent seismic exploration and ground-penetrating radar surveying in the Canadian Arctic Abstract Document
PhD Zou, Ying Integration of Seismic Methods with Reservoir Simulation, Pikes Peak Heavy Oil Field, Saskatchewan Abstract Document