Graduate Theses 2012

Degree Author Title Availability
MSc Vracar, Vanja Fluid flow modelling and its seismic differencing in time-lapse Abstract Document
MSc Vera, Virginia Cecilia Seismic modelling of CO2 in a sandstone aquifer, Priddis, Alberta Abstract Document
PhD Pawlak, Agnieszka Crustal Structure beneath Hudson Bay from Ambient-Noise Tomography Abstract Document
MSc Zuleta Tobon, Liliana M. Near-surface characterization and Vp/Vs analysis of a shale gas basin Abstract Document
MSc Fung, Diane Jael Lespinasse Evaluation of the seismic reflection method as a monitoring tool during primary and enhanced coalbed methane production Abstract Document
MSc Guirigay, Thais Estimation of Shear wave velocities from P-P and P-S seismic data using Equivalent Offset Migration Abstract Document
MSc McDonald, Matt Numerical Methods in Seismic Wave Propagation Abstract Document
MSc Gagliardi, Pietro Orientation Azimuth Calibration of Borehole Geophones Abstract Document
MSc Bird, Christopher Amplitude-variation-with frequency (AVF) analysis of seismic data over anelastic targets Abstract Document
PhD Jiang, Zaiming Elastic wave modelling and reverse-time migration by a staggered-grid finite-difference method Abstract Document
MSc Hernandez Quijada, Melissa Judith Internal multiple prediction: an application on synthetic data, physical modeling data and field data Abstract Document
MSc Kelly, Byron Matthew Processing and Interpretation of Time-Lapse Seismic Data from a Heavy Oil Field, Alberta, Canada Abstract Document
PhD Yousefzadeh, Abdolnaser High Resolution Seismic Imaging using Least Squares Migration Abstract Document