Friday Talks 2016

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Date Author(s) Title Availability
  Jan-15 Jessica Dongas Development and Characterization of a Geostatic Model for Monitoring Shallow CO2 Injection   Document
  Jan-22 Yu Geng Dreamlet based efficient Gaussian packet migration   Document
  Jan-29 Sina Esmaeili Influence of color operator on Hussar data   Document
  Feb-5 Huaizhen Chen Azimuthal seismic difference inversion for fracture weaknesses   Document
  Feb-12 Brian Russell Jean Morlet and the Continuous Wavelet Transform   Document
  Feb-21   Reading Week - No meeting    
  Mar-04 Marie Macquet Crustal tomography of the Pyrenees and surrounding regions using ambient noise correlation   Document
  Mar-11 Ron Weir The Conklin SAGD Project; The application of Simultaneous inversion to pre-stack gathers   Document
  Mar-18 Kevin W. Hall What I did on my summer vacation (New Zealand 2016)   Document
  Mar-25   Good Friday - No meeting    
  Apr - 1 Davood Nowroozi Seismic modeling and imaging for CO2 injection at the FRS project   Document
  Apr - 8 Sitamai W. Ajiduah Forward modeling in elastic media using SINTEF Tiger and AMM method   Document
  16-Sep Kris Innane et al. Introduction to CREWES   Document
  23-Sep Raul Cova, Marcelo Guarido de Andrade and Eric Rops Experiences at summer internship jobs this past summer   Document
  30-Sep Daniel Trad Seismic software: different perspectives between industry and academia   Document
  30-Sep Khalid Almuterie Reflection-based waveform inversion ? An introduction   Document
  7-Oct Adriana Gordon VSP azimuthal analysis at the field research station near Brooks, AB   Document
  14-Oct   SEG - No Meeting    
  25-Oct Emma Lv Towards characterization of intrinsic and stratigraphic Q in VSP data with information measures   Document