Research Reports 1990

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Don C. Lawton and Malcolm B. Bertram Field tests of 3-Component geophones Abstract Document
  2 Susan L. Miller, Malcolm B. Bertram, and Don C. Lawton Source-generated noise on multicomponent records Abstract Document
  3 David W. Eaton and Don C. Lawton P-SV stacking charts and binning periodicity Abstract Document
  4 Catherine E. Howell and Henry C. Bland CREWES Project computer systems Abstract Document
  5 Armin W. Schafer The determination of converted-wave statics using P refractions together with SV refractions Abstract Document
  6 Zhenchun Li, Fred K. Boadu, and R. James Brown Computing shear-wave statics with the help of seismic tomography Abstract Document
  7 Robin T. Slotboom, David W. Eaton, and Donald C. Lawton Improving converted-wave (P-S) moveout estimation Abstract Document
  8 Mark P. Harrison Dip moveout for converted-wave (P-SV) data Abstract Document
  9 Robert R. Stewart Joint P and P-SV inversion Abstract Document
  9a Robert R. Stewart Ground-roll filtering using local instantaneous polarization Abstract Document
  9b Robert R. Stewart Side-scanning seismic Abstract Document
  10 Don C. Lawton and Mark P. Harrison A 2-component reflection seismic survey, Springbank, Alberta Abstract Document
  11 Mark P. Harrison F-x linear prediction filtering of seismic images Abstract Document
  12 David G. Schieck and R. R. Stewart Pre-stack f-k median filtering Abstract Document
  13 Armin W. Schafer and Wen Tzeng Two-component processing and interpretation case history: Crystal East, central Alberta Abstract Document
  14 Brad D. Nazar Multicomponent modeling of a conglomerate bar deposit Abstract Document
  15 Ashraf A. Abdalla, Robert R. Stewart, and David C. Henley Reflection processing of crosswell seismic data: Midale Field, Saskatchewan Abstract Document
  16 Guoping Li and Robert R. Stewart Automatic velocity analysis of crosswell seismic data Abstract Document
  17 Scott P. Cheadle, R. James Brown, and Don C. Lawton Orthorhombic anisotropy: a physical model study Abstract Document
  18 Donald T. Easley and R. James Brown Wave propagation in elastic, linear, homogeneous (inhomogenous) and anisotropic media: a proposal Abstract Document
  19 R. J. Brown, D. C. Lawton, S. P. Cheadle and G. B. Marchisio Physical modeling of anisotropic wave propagation: latest results and future directions Abstract Document
  20 David W. S. Eaton Finite-difference solution to the eikonal equation for transversely isotropic media Abstract Document
  21 David W. Eaton and Robert R. Stewart 2 1/2 D Elastic Ray-Born migration/inversion for transversely isotropic media Abstract Document
  22 Jeffrey B. Thurston, C. E. Howell, Donald C. Lawton, and Robert R. Stewart A mode converted (P-SV) synthetic seismogram Abstract Document
  23 Zandong Sun and R. James Brown Multicomponent seismic detection and interpretation of salt and salt dissolution Abstract Document
  24 H. Chung and D. Lawton Some properties of thin beds Abstract Document
  25 Kelly D. Hrabi and Don C. Lawton 3-D AVO study in eastern Alberta Abstract Document
  26 Taiwen Chen and Donald C. Lawton AVO analyses of reflected seismic data over sand-filled channels Abstract Document
  27 Craig A. Coulombe, Robert R. Stewart, and Michael J. Jones Amplitude-versus-offset analysis using the vertical seismic profile Abstract Document