Slide Shows for 2007

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Robert R. Stewart Welcome and introduction   Document
  2 Maria F. Quijada and Robert R. Stewart Density estimations from seismic inversion and density-velocity relations   Document
  3 Zhimin Zhang and Robert R. Stewart Relationships between seismic attenuation and rock properties - Analysis from the Ross Lake heavy oilfield, Sask.   Document
  4 Brian H. Russell and Tad Smith The relationship between dry rock bulk modulus and porosity - an empirical study   Document
  5 Hong Feng and Brian H. Russell and John C. Bancroft Hydrocarbon discrimination with AVO analysis   Document
  6 Arnim B. Haase and Robert R. Stewart VSP-based Q-estimation at Pike's Peak   Document
  7 Soo-Kyung Miong Characterizing the near-surface with VSP and well-logs: Case study from Priddis, Alberta   Document
  8 Jeffrey F. Tan and Henry C. Bland and Robert R. Stewart Analysis and classification of microseismic events   Document
  9 Alejandro D. Alcudia and Robert R. Stewart Analysis of co-located pressure and particle velocity measurements   Document
  10 Michael S. Hons and Robert R. Stewart and Don C. Lawton and Malcolm B. Bertram and Eric V. Gallant Coils or capacitors? How should we measure motion?   Document
  11 Gabriela M. Suarez and Robert R. Stewart Acquisition and analysis of 3C land streamer data   Document
  12 Peter Manning and Gary F. Margrave Rayleigh wave numerical modelling   Document
  13 Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave An analytic approach to minimum phase signals   Document
  14 Charles P. Ursenbach Plane-wave reflection coefficients for anisotropic media et al.   Document
  15 Gary F. Margrave and Joanna K. Cooper Seismic modelling in 3D for migration testing   Document
  16 Joanna K. Cooper and Gary F. Margrave and Don C. Lawton Simulations of seismic acquisition footprint   Document
  17 Saul E. Guevara and Gary F. Margrave Finite difference elastic modelling of the topography and the weathering layer   Document
  18 David C. Henley and Patrick F. Daley Statics deconvolution vs. interferometry   Document
  19 Robert J. Ferguson Seismic statics application plus trace interpolation   Document
  20 John C. Bancroft and Xiang Du Long offset moveout correction and spherical traveltimes   Document
  21 Chad Hogan and Gary F. Margrave and Michael P. Lamoureux Low-frequency waves: Ray-tracing and eikonal solutions   Document
  22 Ben Wards and Gary F. Margrave and Michael P. Lamoureux High-fidelity time stepping for reverse-time migration   Document
  23 Laurence R. Lines A strategy for cooperative inversion of reservoir data   Document
  24 Joe Wong and Kevin W. Hall and Eric V. Gallant and Malcolm B. Bertram and Henry C. Bland Some 2D results from the physical seismic modelling facility   Document
  25 Kevin W. Hall and Hanxing Lu and Gabriela M. Suarez and Robert R. Stewart Crooked-line seismic data processing at Castle-mountain   Document
  26 Jason McCrank and Donald C. Lawton Alder Flats 2D and 3D seismic program   Document
  27 Khaled Al Dulaijan and Robert R. Stewart Surface wave analysis for estimating S-wave velocity   Document
  28 Donald C. Lawton and Abdullah Alshuhail Penn West Pembina Cardium CO2 EOR seismic monitoring program   Document
  29 David W. Eaton From deep seismic to microseismic: A convergence of disciplines   Document