Slide Shows for 2018

Talk Author(s) Title Availability
0 Kris Innanen Welcome and Introduction   Document
1 Don Lawton A shear wave land streamer   Document
2 Kevin Hall CREWES 2018 simultaneous 3C/DAS WVSP field experiment   Document
3 Kris Innanen Design and deployment of a multicomponent DAS sensor   Document
4 Nadine Igonin Microseismic and SWD in the physical modelling lab   Document
5 Daniel Trad Compressive sensing, de-blending and a new dataset   Document
6 Tyler Spackman Monitoring with permanent source data   Document
7 Marie Macquet Ambient noise monitoring at CaMI-FRS   Document
8 Tim Cary Monitoring methane gas migration in the near surface   Document
9 Rachel Lauer A proposal for and applications of a marine thermal probe   Document
10 Heather Hardeman Results from 2018 CaMI DAS VSP data acquisition   Document
11 Huaizhen Chen Inversion for stress and fluids in randomly-oriented fractures   Document
12 David Henley Wrinkle reduction in 3D source ensembles   Document
13 Ron Weir Integration of reflection and microseismic data   Document
14 Adriana Gordon Processing of walkaway DAS/geophone VSP data   Document
15 Andrew Iverson Internal multiple prediction and generator spectra   Document
16 Sergio Romahn Log-validated FWI with wavelet phase and amplitude updating   Document
17 Scott Keating Viscoelastic FWI: solving for Qp, Qs and Vp, Vs and density   Document
18 Matthew Eaid Towards 4C FWI: DAS and 3C as complimentary datasets   Document
19 Raul Cova Practical multicomponent land FWI   Document
20 Scott Keating Connecting FWI and LSRTM through variable restriction   Document
21 Jian Sun/Junxiao Li Deep learning and FWI   Document
22 Marcelo Guarido Machine learning for facies classification and target identification   Document
23 Bernie Law Velocity model building with slope tomography   Document
24 Ali Fathalian Viscoacoustic RTM in TTI media with attenuation compensation   Document
25 Jorge Monsegny P- and S-wave elastic reversi time migration   Document
26 Roman Shor The next generation of drillstring imaging techniques   Document
27 Nasser Kazemi Least squares RTM of a seismic-while-drilling dataset   Document
28 Larry Lines Geophysics and medicine in symbiosis   Document
29 Shahpoor Moradi Quantum computing in exploration/monitoring seismology   Document
30 Kris Innanen New monitoring modes: time boundaries and elastic bracin   Document
31 Jon Downton Deep neural networks to predict reservoir properties   Document