Posters for 2012

Chapter Author(s) Title Availability
  1 Mohammed Alarfaj and Dr. Don C. Lawton Interpreting Fault-related Gas Leakage   Document
  2 Mahdi H. Almutlaq and Gary F. Margrave Surface-consisten matching filters: application to time-lapse data   Document
  3 John C. Bancroft and Thais Guirigay and Helen Isaac Converted wave processing using EOM   Document
  4 John C. Bancroft Deconvolution after migration   Document
  5 John C. Bancroft Stacking Noisy Data   Document
  6 Kevin L. Bertram and Malcolm B. Bertram and Kevin W. Hall and Eric V. Gallant and Gary F. Margrave and Kristopher Innanen CREWES in the field, 2012   Document
  7 Peng Cheng and Gary F. Margrave Estimation of Q: a comparison of different computational methods   Document
  8 David Cho and Bill Goodway and Marco Perez and Andrew Iverson and Gary F. Margrave 4D attenuation analysis for permeability estimates in hydraulically induced fractures   Document
  9 David Cho and Gary F. Margrave A hybrid method for AVO inversion   Document
  10 Xiaoqin Cui and Laurence R. Lines and Edward S. Krebes Cold heavy oil reservoir characterization: wormhole modeling and seismic responses   Document
  11 Xiaoqin Cui and Laurence R. Lines and Edward S. Krebes Numerical modeling for different types of fractures   Document
  12 R. J. Ferguson and M. Yedlin and L. Nielsen Prestack depth migration of bi-static georadar data   Document
  13 Saul E. Guevara and Gary Margrave Angle gathers with PP and PS depth migration: some experiments   Document
  14 Christopher B. Harrison and Gary Margrave and Michael Lamoureux and Arthur Siewert and Andrew Barrett and J. Helen Isaac Towards using harmonic "contamination" as signal for thin shallow reflectors   Document
  15 David C. Henley Interference and the art of static correction: raypath interferometry at Hussar   Document
  16 David C. Henley and Joe Wong and Peter M. Manning Time-lapse by the number: elastic modeling of repeatability issues   Document
  17 David C. Henley Where in the earth are the low frequencies?   Document
  18 M. Harnandez and K. Innanen Application of internal multiple prediction: from synthetic to lab to land data   Document
  19 Kevin Hall and Don Lawton and Dawson Holloway and Eric Gallant Husky Heavy Oil VSP   Document
  20 Kris Innanen 1.5D internal multiple prediction in MATLAB   Document
  21 Kris Innanen Anelastic reflection, scattering and sensitivity analysis   Document
  22 Kris Innanen Blurring the line between intrinsic/extrinsic attenuation via the Shannon entropy   Document
  23 Kris Innanen Hagedoorn's +/- method and interferometric refraction imaging   Document
  24 Kris Innanen Wave propagation and interacting particles continued: plane waves at oblique incidence   Document
  25 J. Helen Isaac and John C. Bancroft Hussar converted-wave data processing and analysis   Document
  26 J. Helen Isaac and Gary F. Margrave Towards full-waveform inversion: A torturous path   Document
  27 Shahin Jabbari and Kris Innanen Mathematical details of time-lapse AVO framework   Document
  28 Zaiming Jiang and John C. Bancroft and Laurence R. Lines AVO effect of elastic wave modelling   Document
  29 Zaiming Jiang and John C. Bancroft and Laurence R. Lines Elastic imaging conditions based on Helmholtz decomposition   Document
  30 Zaiming Jiang and John C. Bancroft and Laurence R. Lines Elastic reverse-time migration   Document
  31 Steven Kim and Kris Innanen Numerical poroelastic amplitude modeling   Document
  32 Michael P. Lamoureux and Peter C. Gibson and Gary F. Margrave Reflection coefficients through a linear velocity ramp   Document
  33 Heather J. E. Lloyd and Gary F. Margrave Acoustic impedance inversion using stacking velocities: Hussar example   Document
  34 Heather J. E. Lloyd and Gary F. Margrave Incorporating spectral colour into impedance inversion   Document
  35 Heather J. E. Lloyd and Roy O. Lindseth and Gary F. Margrave Investigating methods to transform acoustic impedance inversion into depth   Document
  36 Heather J. E. Lloyd and Gary F. Margrave New MATLAB tools for well tying   Document
  37 Rolf Maier Tiger User Manual   Document
  38 Peter M. Manning Tests of sand-bags to couple geophones to the earth's surface   Document
  39 Matt A. McDonald and Michael P. Lamoureux and Gary F. Margrave Galerking methods for numerical solutions of acoustic, elastic and viscoelastic wave equations   Document
  40 Shahin Moradi and Don C. Lawton Time-lapse seismic modeling of CO2 sequestration at Quest CCS project   Document
  41 Wenyong Pan and Kris Innanen AVO analysis for a single thin bed using three-layer media   Document
  42 Glen R. Young and Kris Innanen and Laurence R. Lines Multiparameter inverse scattering: preliminary results   Document